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A close up photograph of white flowers against green leaves.

Art Made For Us - Creativity Club

Hey there! Welcome to a little internet nook, dedicated to celebrating our creativity and inspirations.  If you are here you will have probably seen a video on my YouTube thank you for stopping by!


What is Art Made For Us?


Art Made For Us is an image reference gallery, and artwork-sharing gallery, made by me - Gemma (the Pen).  On YouTube I will be periodically sharing an Art Made For Us video, visiting a different location each time and finding ways to pull art inspiration from it.  From the photos I take, I'll be making art - and chatting about various art topics... And I would love to chat with you in the YT comments to hear your thoughts!  Then, I'll be sharing my original reference photos on here for us all to create art from - so we can be creative together, but also share how differently we can all make art, even when we have the same starting points.


Why is Art Made For Us?


Creating things can often be a solitary endeavour, and whilst I love that part of it - losing myself in my own thoughts and ideas - I also think it's important to reach out and share our experiences too.  However, finding others to share in our interests can sometimes be tricky - maybe you are a quieter soul, like me, who finds it hard to approach others and doesn't want to bother people, or you find it hard to get out, and are looking for an online way to gather fresh inspiration and share your creativity with others.   I wanted to create a cosy way of us making art together and sharing our results... so, Art Made For Us aims to be a hassle-free no-pressure way to spark ideas, make connections and simply enjoy making whatever WE want to.

How can I access the Reference Gallery?


Whenever I upload an Art Made For Us video on YouTube, I will upload the photos I took for the session onto this Reference Gallery page.  (The password for the gallery will always be mentioned in the Art Made For Us videos.)  Pop in the password and then feel free to browse through the images, and if any inspire you, you can save them for your personal use

Where can we share our art?


Right on this page!  Any art I've made in an Art Made For Us video, or afterwards, will be shared below - whether it is rough sketches or more finished pieces.  

   If you make any art inspired by any of the reference images, I would love to see it (and I would also love to share it on this page too!).  If you are happy to share, email a photo of your artwork to and I will pop it up on here.  

   If you share your art on Instagram, please tag me so I can see it @gemmathepen, and use the hashtag #ArtMadeForUs, so we can all find each other.

The Art Made For Us Logo


Anglesey Abbey

Sketchbook Spread by Gemma the Pen

Sketchbook Spread by Gemma the Pen Drawings with Dip Pen and Windsor & Newton Black Indian Ink.

Oil Pastel Sketch

An oil pastel sketch made by Gemma the Pen. Created using Pentel Oil Pastels, on black paper, on site at the Abbey.



Sketchbook Spread

Sketchbook Spread by Gemma the Pen The left page uses watercolour, graphic finalise and alcohol markers; the right side uses cut-up photos as a collage.

Close Up Collage

Close up of Collage by Gemma the Pen My printer has some issues and printed everything purple - but I think it works out pretty well in this collage!

Close Up Illustration

Close up of Illustration by Gemma the Pen I used pencil, watercolour and pens to doodle this merry band of animals. It's not perfect but it feels super jolly!


Hadleigh Castle

Gouache painting by Gemma the Pen

Gouache painting by Gemma the Pen - I painted this sitting on the grass, looking towards the tower, using Artful gouache paints. The colours take a few liberties but it was a very peaceful hour of painting.

Charcoal & Graphic Pen drawing by Gemma the Pen

Charcoal & Graphic Pen drawing by Gemma the Pen - I didn't entirely know where this was going...and there are bits I like and bits I think could be better, but I enjoyed letting my imagination wander!


Marsh Farm Country Park

Pencils Sketch by Gemma The Pen

Pencil Sketch by Gemma The Pen - Using coloured pencils I sat on the grass - trying to hold my page down in the wind! - and sketched what I could see. It's rough but it was fun to do :)

Watercolour Sketch by Gemma The Pen

Watercolour by Gemma The Pen - Made with Artful Watercolours, I really enjoyed painting this. My greens are a bit too bright - I am still finding my way with watercolour - but I am very happy with it's general look!

Drypoint by Gemma The Pen

Drypoint by Gemma The Pen - Made by scratching the reed design onto a piece of plastic, cut from a cleaned up food container (you can see the food symbol indent in the print!). Ink was applied and scrimmed away, then paper pressed on top. I love its scratchy feeling!

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