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Recommendations are always handy...

So on this page you can find a bunch of materials, tools and tech which I have found useful in creating and sharing art.


Please note, there are affiliate links included on this page - they cost you nothing to click on, but they do track and help to support my free content by granting me a commission when purchases of the product are made.  Thank you for your support!


I use: Namecheap

On buying my domain names I did a lot of searching around for the best price.  I had already been using a free Wix website for ages, and while I knew I wanted to take the next step by registering a domain, it was pretty daunting to do so. 


When I discovered Namecheap I was super happy.  The price was one of the best I had seen and I felt like I had a lot of options with them.  At the time, not being as website savvy, I actually also bought an SSL certificate that it turned out I didn't need.  I contacted Namecheap straightaway and their customer service sorted out a refund immediately, and were so helpful.

I have remained with them when renewing my domains as I am very happy with their service and I think they still have great prices.  Click the banner below to check them out!


MUSIC (for use in class creation)
I use: Pond5

I was recommended Pond5 by a Skillshare teacher when I was creating my first class.  It can be hard to find music to buy for commercial purposes that are budget-friendly!  While various subscription models exist (such as Epidemic Sound), as a newbie I could not afford to be making regular payments.  I wanted a Pay & Go type model, and Pond5 gave me that option.


There are all sorts of music, sound effects, stock footage and photographs that you can buy on the site for use in commercial projects - and the prices range to suit all kinds of budgets.


By using my link here you can nab 20% off your first purchase - woohoo! 

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