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A banner which says "Nurture Your Curiosity, Fuel Your Creativity", surrounded by illustrations of various art and craft tools.
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Hey there,

my name is Gemma...

I'm an artist-maker who loves far too many creative things...

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There are thousands of creative classes on Skillshare...including mine!

An image of a highland cow, drawn with pink and purple oil pastels.
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I love to learn new things...

and share the pure joy of making stuff with you!

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If you have any questions...

about art, craft or creativity, give me a holler! 

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Pink Sugar

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Painting an Advent Calendar - so many boxes!
When your art goes wrong, it's ok to just stop and start again | Painting a Lion in gouache
One cheap art supply, 8 colours! Practising scribbly portraits with ballpoint pen

Brilliant class Gemma - I thought you did a great job of explaining everything and I'm now inspired to try some printing. I hope you do some more classes on printing I will be keen to watch them- thanks!

 - Kate

Skillshare, Characters in Collagraph Class


Such a stunning pin! I just had to get my hands on this as it looks so cosy and cute! It’s of such high quality and Gemma puts so much into everything she does as I seen through the packaging to the product. Loved the freebies too!! Thank you

— Claire

Etsy, Too Cosy to Be Cool Pin

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