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A banner which says "Nurture Your Curiosity, Fuel Your Creativity", surrounded by illustrations of various art and craft tools.
A photograph of a black and white reductive monotype print of an owl on a branch.
A photograph of close-up section of a gouache painting. The centre of a dahlia is painted in purples and pinks.

Hey there,

my name is Gemma...

I'm an artist-maker who loves far too many creative things...

A photograph of a small bat sculpture, made out of clay with wings made from wire.

There are thousands of creative classes on Skillshare...including mine!

Stained Glass Sketching Class.jpg
An image of a collage, made from scrunched up tissue paper. The subject is a swirly bunny, in navy blue and silver tones.

I love to learn new things...

and share the pure joy of making stuff with you!

An image of a close up section from an acrylic painting. The subject is a Kingfisher's head and wing, in bright colours.
An image of a close up section of a collage, made from scrunched tissue paper.  The subject is a howling wolf, in white and green tones.
A close up image of a section from an ink illustration, of a bookworm reading on a bookshelf.
A close up section of a reductive monotype print in black and white, featuring tree trunks in a forest.

If you have any questions...

about art, craft or creativity, give me a holler! 

A close up of a Wood Block print, in black and white, featuring a pencil tip.
Pink Sugar

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If you are just starting your art journey, or are looking for some art-buddy community, my free Newsletter is for you.  Roughly once a month I share my adventures in making stuff that makes me happy, and the things I'm learning along the way.  Maybe they'll inspire you to make stuff that makes you happy too.  

If you are a curious creative like me, or simply want to start fuelling your full spectrum of creativity possibilities, you have a place here - and I think we'll get on great! ๐Ÿ’›

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Brilliant class Gemma - I thought you did a great job of explaining everything and I'm now inspired to try some printing. I hope you do some more classes on printing I will be keen to watch them- thanks!

 - Kate

Skillshare, Characters in Collagraph Class

Such a stunning pin! I just had to get my hands on this as it looks so cosy and cute! It’s of such high quality and Gemma puts so much into everything she does as I seen through the packaging to the product. Loved the freebies too!! Thank you

โ€” Claire

Etsy, Too Cosy to Be Cool Pin

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