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While Away Winter | 5 Skillshare Classes to Enjoy Hibernating With

Winter has a quietness all of its own, and it is a great time to hunker down with some creative classes. There are plenty out there, all ready to give you a fresh inspiration. Not sure where to start? Here are a few classes that you can find on Skillshare, with a wintry vibe to see you through until spring…

Jutta Schneider

Liz Kohler Brown

Jane Davies

Sophia Carey

Olga Bonitas

What is Skillshare?

Before I was ever a teacher on Skillshare, I was a student. Why? Because I love learning new things and Skillshare has access to a whole bunch of them!

There are thousands of classes, from artists and business owners who are sharing their passion and knowledge. You can take a whole class or pop in for just one lesson - the schedule is all yours.

Another bonus is that on Skillshare you have access to the teachers too. If you are a student who likes to ask questions, you can go right ahead - you can create discussions or projects and get personal feedback from the teacher. But it’s also nice that, if you would rather not interact, there’s no pressure to do so. Learning on Skillshare is on your own terms.

Clicking these Skillshare links will refer you to an offer for new joiners to get one month of Free Skillshare membership. At the clicking point I gain nothing from it except the cosy glow of knowing I have given you a chance to explore some fun arty-crafty-makery goodness. Go enjoy!! At the end of the free month period you will be asked if you would like to sign up for the year - be assured there is absolutely no pressure, and if you decide it's not for you right now, that's totally ok! However, if you do join as a full Skillshare member, you will be helping to support my content, as I will gain a commission from the paid membership.

Either way, your support in visiting the teachers on Skillshare is so appreciated! Thank you!

Thanks for reading!

Keep making to make happy!

Love Gem x


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